Publisher's Message

Laurie O’Halloran
Home Style Magazine

The printed word is definitely not dead and Home Style is proof. After 31 years, this housewares industry magazine continues to defy the odds and is still read and enjoyed (and kept on file) by the very people who buy your products. And when asked, those retailers said that if I ever stopped
publishing a print magazine, and attempted to reach them online or through social media, they would stop reading. Period.

Retailers tell me over and over that they read every issue cover to cover, that they look forward to receiving every issue, and that they can’t imagine our industry without it.

As a publisher who still believes in the power of print, that is music to my ears. If retailers believe in Home Style, then advertisers can also believe in the magazine.

After more than three decades, Home Style Magazine continues to play a leadership role in the housewares industry. It’s still the most targeted and most cost effective way to communicate directly with your key retail customers across Canada.

Laurie O’Halloran,