Publisher's Message

Laurie O’Halloran
Home Style Magazine

In the world of journalism, a “30” is used to mark the end of any story. That’s certainly not the case with Home Style Magazine. After 30 years, the magazine continues as Canada’s primary means of communication between retailers and suppliers.

I am proud of the leadership role Home Style plays in the housewares industry today, and the fact that most retailers read every single issue cover to cover. In an age of instantaneous digital communication, it’s reassuring to know readers still take the time to absorb both the editorial coverage and the advertiser’s message. It does make a difference, and I invite you to see the impact your advertising can have in the pages of Canada’s leading housewares publication.

Thirty years of success is quite an accomplishment in the print publishing business and I thank my readers for their loyalty, and my advertisers for their ongoing support. I look forward to celebrating this milestone with you in 2019.

Laurie O’Halloran,