Technical Specifications

Standard Ad Specifications
  Double Page Spread
16.25" x 10.875"
  Full Page Bleed
8.375" x 11.125"
  Full Page Trim Size
8.125" x 10.875"
  2/3 Page
4.625" x 10"
  1/2 Page Horizontal
7" x 4.875"
  1/2 Page Vertical
3.375" x 10"
  1/2 Page Island
4.625" x 7.5"
  1/3 Page Square
4.5" x 4.875"
  1/3 Page Horizontal
8.125" x 3"
  1/3 Page Vertical
2.25" x 10"
  1/4 Page
3.375" x 4.875"
Material Requirements
  • Please submit high resolution PDF files of advertisements when possible.
  • You can send your digital files to our FTP site,  Contact us for the details.
Policies and Terms
  • Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for content of all advertising printed.
  • Cancellations and/or changes to advertising space are not accepted after the space closing date.
  • Photography, artwork, type changes and other production costs are billed directly to the advertiser.
  • Advertisers will be short rated if frequency agreements are not met during the terms of the contract.
  • All accounts are due in full in 30 days.
Commissions and Discounts
  • Advertising agency commission of 15% is allowed on gross billing of space to recognized agencies who must abide credit terms.
  • A cash discount of 2% is offered if the account is paid in full within 10 days.
Inserts and Special Positions
  • Inserts will be quoted separately based on size, frequency and frequency discounts.
  • A surcharge of 25% will be applied for any special positions, including the inside front and back covers.